Have you been thinking of designing for t-shirt printing? Have you been wondering why it is not working out after all your efforts? If your answers to the above are yes, then you don’t need to bother again. We are going to provide you with six basic instructions that would guide you through designing artworks that would be used for printing t-shirts. This article will also provide you with some insights that would guide you in choosing the kind of design that would be so creative and attractive.

The first and most important thing to note is that graphic design for magazines and posters is quite different from graphic design for t-shirt printing.

Some people spend so many hours working on graphics only for them to be told by the printer that what they have designed cannot work t-shirt printing. It then becomes a wasted effort and energy. To avoid all of these, you are provided with instructions that will enable you to overcome that trauma.


Instruction 1: Make Use Of PMS Colors When Designing The Artwork

There is totally nothing wrong with designing your artwork using RGB and CMYK color modes. These stands for Red, Green, Black (RGB) and Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, Black (CMYK). These two color modes are very good but work better for paper printing and not t-shirt printing. It doesn't give accurate colors when using silk screener, so it will definitely not give you the best when used for t-shirt printing.

When it comes to t-shirt printing, it is better to use Pantone Matching System (PMS). It makes it very easy to separate the colors. It also gives more accurate color than RGB and CMYK when using silk screener

Instruction 2: Change All Text To Outlines Some artwork goes with customized fonts and some fonts that are very ambiguous. When such font is copied for printing, it is always substituted with a similar font and this will end up giving you what you might not really want.

To avoid such, always convert your text to outline, once it is converted, any computer it is copied to will be able to open the font as it is without changing it. It sees the text as image. To achieve this, simply right-click on the text and then choose "create outline" from the sub-menu that appears.

Instruction 3: Use Actual Size To Create Your Artwork Using actual size to create the artwork helps to eliminate the problems that come with the printer trying to adjust your work to fit.

This problem usually occurs because what you have in mind to achieve at the end is quite different from what the printer might have in mind. To avoid this set the work exactly how you want it printed. If you don't know the size, simply get the cloth you want to print on and use a ruler to measure it. After measuring it, set the size in Document Setup found under File Menu.

Instruction 4: Most Of The Time, Make Use of Vector Artwork

Vector artwork is far better than raster artwork when it comes to t-shirt printing. This makes it easier to carry out color separation and it also makes the end product to come out cleaner.

Instruction 5: Make Your Strokes Bigger

Sometimes after converting the colors to PMS, the strokes are ignored and this ends up making the great work you have designed looking bad. So always make your stroke look big. To achieve this, simply click on the stroke you want to make bigger and then click on Object and select Expand.

Instruction 6: The Half-Tones Should As Well Be Set To PMS Colors

There are some artworks that require half-tones to design in order to reduce the amount of color that would be printed. When such arises, it is good to set the color swatch to PMS.

Some Creative Designs

There are some good creative designs that you can start with which we have included in this article. In choosing a design, it is nice to consider the people you want to create the design for and what they are into; this would guide you to know the type of design to choose.

Sultan Of Sultans
This name stands of the King of Kings. Different things that are related to this idea are brought together to form this design. Examples are Lion – this animal stands as the king of the jungle and Crown – this stands for leadership.

Excelsior Bot

Excelsior typeface can be used to create a robot which can be designed to take different forms and angles.

Creative Logos

Company's logos can be put together to create very interesting and attractive designs on t-shirts. And this makes it more unique. A combination of Christ's photo and cross can be used to create a very good design on t-shirts that would draw people's attention to come to love Christ and following Him. Christians love this kind of design so if you are into corporate t-shirt printing you can adapt it for Christian organizations.

Love Life

This concept can be used to design a very creative artwork on t-shirts. Love goes with a symbol of a heart without the cross. This seems to be similar to Love Christ, just that cross is not included.

Comic Sans Design

This involves the use of character to design just like Excelsior Bot but it is majorly based on comedies. For more information on t-shirt printing, please click best T-shirt printing in Australia